Twitter Might Reintroduce Verification

One of the more characteristic features of twitter that has been dismissed was the blue check that indicated a verified account after it was seen next to the account of a white supremist who made egregious comments against Charlottesville rally victim Heather Heyer.

The outcry the followed caused the staff at twitter to put a hold on the feature back in 2017,

Verification was meant to authenticate identity & voice but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance. We recognize that we have created this confusion and need to resolve it. We have paused all general verifications while we work and will report back soon.

However, the feature seems to be in the works for a comeback as unearthed by hacker and blogger Jane Manchun Wong who found a “request verification” field in the personal information section of the twitter app.

In 2018, the company said that it did not have the bandwidth to work on the verification feature and reintroduced the system for the 2018 elections. Earlier this year, verification was granted to health experts to give authority to their tweets concerning COVID-19.

Needless to say, the feature has been in the works for a long time and might finally make a comeback.

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