The Batman Teaser Trailer – Robert Pattinson is Brooding Vengeance

Robert Pattinson was unveiled as the titular hero of Gotham city in The Batman teaser trailer released last Saturday. The teaser trailer brings a very unique take on the dark knight into the limelight. It seems to be a very raw and human depiction of a complicated character unlike anything we have seen before in the franchise.

Teaser trailer for The Batman – Warner Brothers Pictures

We can see many reappearing characters in the trailer such as James Gordon, played by Jeffrey Wright, who is seen inspecting a grim crime scene, or Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman seen fighting the Batman, and even Andy Serkis’ Alfred can be heard off-screen while a very fragile looking Robert Pattinson is seen staring into his mask.

The movie starts just two years into Bruce Wayne’s foray into crime fighting as can be surmised by a group of perplexed and uncomfortable thugs who ask the batman who he is supposed to be, which naturally results in a beating with our hero growling “I’m vengeance”. The same is true for beloved villains such as The Riddler and The Penguin who also seem to be just starting out.

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