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Innovative Dialysis Machine Created by Pakistani Startup


A Pakistan startup has created a marvel they call Robo Kidney, it will make treating kidney related diseases and dialysis bloodless, easy and affordable. It will also prevent any further HIV or Hepatitis Infections which are possible with the current setup. The Robo Kidney has been registered to the medical …

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Pakistan to Enter Hemp Market


According to the science and technology minister, Fawad Chaudhry, the Cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp based products market is worth over $25 Billion. His ministry is keen to utilize that fact by importing a particular variety of seeds that will undergo research for industrial and medicinal use. This comes right after …

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Educational Institutions in Pakistan to Reopen Soon

educational institutions

Pakistan could soon reopen its educational institutions says The National Command Operation Centre (NCOC), the national authority leading the charge against Coronavirus. The authority has intimated a top to bottom approach for the start for the fall semester with universities opening first, then colleges and then finally schools. That is …

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Prime Minister Imran Khan Refused to Recognize Israel

Imran Khan Refused to Recognize Israel

In an exclusive 2 hour interview shown on DunyaTV, prime minister Imran Khan refused to recognize Israel unless Palestine was freed. He informed the media that in 1948 the nation’s founder and first Governor-General Quaid-e-Azam had refused to recognize Israel until the Palestinians were given their freedom. Khan drew similarities …

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The Ertugrul Phenomenon Sweeping Across Pakistan


The show Resurrection: Ertugrul has seen so much popularity in Pakistan that Engin Altan Duzyatan, the star who plays the titular role of Ertugrul, announced in a video that he will be visiting Pakistan today (18th of August) to meet make-a-wish foundation children, “Hello Pakistan, I will be meeting make-a-wish …

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Government Lifting Restrictions After Success Containing Virus

Government Lifting Restrictions

Life might be returning to normal with the Pakistan Government lifting restrictions and reopening restaurants, salons, theaters, tourism, and educational institutions. The NCC meeting presided over by Prime Minister Imran Khan came to the conclusion that with the success of a decline in the spread of the virus, that several …

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Pakistan Bangladesh Relations Thaw as India is Sidelined

The Hindu quoted Bangladeshi news daily Bhorer Kagoj as saying that the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not meet India’s High Commissioner despite repeated requests for a meeting in the last four months. The quoted article by Bhorer Kagoj editor Shyamal Dutta also reported that Indian projects have slowed down …

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YouTube Ban in Pakistan

The Supreme Court of Pakistan in a discussion on Wednesday entertained the idea of banning YouTube going so far as to issuing notices to the Foreign Ministry and the Attorney General of Pakistan. The matter came into consideration while the court was hearing a case regarding a sectarian crime leveled …

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