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Imran Khan to Address Kashmir Situation In UN


Kashmir is back in the limelight again as the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to address a UN session. A foreign office spokesperson revealed that “due to restrictions imposed by the local government in New York, there will be no in-person high-level participation from outside. Prime Minister Imran …

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Indian Forces Disrupt Muharram Procession

Muharram Procession

A Muharram procession was halted in its tracks this Saturday when police opened fire and wounded over 40 people according to witnesses. A police official reportedly said, “Some people had gathered and were trying to start a procession, they were dispersed,” though he added nothing further about either injuries or …

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Curfew in Kashmir Imposed by India

Curfew in Kashmir

A curfew in Kashmir has been imposed by Indian forces ahead of the Black Day marking the revocation of article 370 which stripped away Kashmir’s autonomy. Article 370 of the Indian constitution which gave special status and autonomy to the region of Jammu and Kashmir was revoked last year by …

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India China Border Talks Successful in Easing Tension

India China Border

Ever since India revoked the special status accorded to the disputed Kashmir area and sent thousands of troops to enforce its will, the area has been rife with conflict. The precarious move not only exacerbated the tensions between the countries but also left the field open as to define the …

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