Sputnik V Russian Vaccine’s “Chances of Success are Going to be High”

Russian Vaccine Sputnik V

Russia claimed to winning the global race of developing a COVID-19 vaccine called ‘Sputnik V’ but experts warn that people should not expect the Russian vaccine to magically turnaround the current pandemic lifestyle.

According to science journalist Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan, Russia’s lack of transparency regarding Sputnik V’s development is more worrisome rather than the skepticism about the scientific method applied to the development process.

He added that if the vaccine is tested properly and the results are made transparent, “the chances of success are going to be high” for the Russian vaccine.

However, he warned that people should not expect things to even remotely go back to normal and be prepared to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

“Until scientists do long-term studies on the life of these vaccines within our body, I don’t think we can believe that, once taken, even with booster doses, it would protect us from Covid-19 infection long-term,” he said in an interview to RT.

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