Signs of Life Among Beirut’s Wreckage

A whole month after the catastrophic blast devastated much of Beirut, a rescue team from Chile has said they might have found signs of life in a collapsed building. The blast occurred on August 4th, killed over 200 people and injured over 6000. It also destroyed a lot of Beirut’s infrastructure when 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate stored in the port of the city exploded. The blast left over 300000 people homeless but among the wreckage, a miracle might occur. Though the search has been halted for the morning, the rescue crew says they have found a heartbeat.

Rescue teams search for survivors among the wreckage

They were just combing through the area on their way to secure buildings when one of their search dogs ran towards the building and informed them of a human presence. Though the building owner has attested to the fact that there were no humans present in the building during the catastrophe, the rescue team is cautiously hoping for a miracle. The rescue team is a veteran outfit named TOPOS CHILE and have participated previously in Fukushima where a Nuclear reactor exploded and in Haiti where a man was trapped under a collapsed building for 27 days.

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