Sexual Misconduct Allegations Sweep Esports

A wave of sexual misconduct allegations have swept across gaming and esports. The movement was ignited by initial allegations against Destiny player Saynotorage made by multiple women including MindofSnaps who wrote a lengthy Medium post on June 19 detailing several interactions they had which left her feeling violated. Saynotorage posted an apology video which was deleted shortly afterwards and he subsequently posted another video refuting many of the allegations.

This was followed by an allegation against CSGO streamer ProSyndicate who was accused of sexual assault by streamer TheZombieUnicorn, followed by another accusation by another streamer by the name of KaitlinWitcher.

MethodJosh of the esports organization Method also got embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations relating to minors no less. MethodJosh has had a history of sexual abuse allegations involving minors and the organization released him from their roster. The other members of the organization also cut all ties with MethodJosh.

sexual misconduct allegations

The Smash Ultimate community was hit particularly hard with many top players and casters being outed. One of the earliest of these was Puppeh’s allegation against commentator and streamer Cinnpie. Puppeh was 14 years old when the then 24 year old Cinnpie started having romantic and sexual relations with him. Puppeh concluded his TwitLonger by saying, “I am writing this in hopes to simply just be at peace with myself and move on from this period of my life. I have been depressed for so long in major part due to that summer. I’m tired of hurting over this and being afraid to speak out.”

A Smash player by the moniker CaptainZach came forward with accusations against another top Smash player by the name of Nairo who had allegedly had a sexual encounter with him when the former was underage. Nairo reportedly tried to cover it up with a tweet but CaptainZach went on to say,

“He called me right after he posted his tweet, then proceeded to repeatedly call me after I did not pick up his call. I’m tired of living a life of lies. I’m tired of covering up for someone else’s mistakes. I would like to say, however, that I never once threatened Nairo with coming public about my relations with him. The only reason I am saying my truth now is that I can’t take it anymore,”

Yet another long time top player and community figure, Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios was accused of sending sexually suggestive messages to two minors and came clean after initially denying the allegations. Meanwhile, pro player Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman was falsely accused of sexual misconduct and had to reveal something really personal to debunk the accusation.

The allegations were not limited to professional players but twitch streamer Fedmyster also became involved in sexual harassment allegations from two other streamers residing in the same OfflineTV streamer house. He did not deny the allegations but simply tweeted, “I want to start off this statement by apologizing for my absence the past few days. Earlier this week, some of my friends sat me down and expressed that I had on several occasions made them feel uncomfortable or uneasy.” Fedmyster had a discussion with his peers and has since been removed from the OfflineTV house.

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