SECP Official Sajid Gondal Returns Home After Five Days

Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) official Sajid Gondal returned home safe and sound after going missing for five days. He announced his safe return in a tweet on Tuesday, “I am back and safe, and I am thankful to all friends who were worried for me.”

The incident had not gone unnoticed with the courts springing to action as well as the federal government. When the SECP official had gone missing on a Thursday evening, directives were given by the human rights minister, Shireen Mazari, as well as the prime ministers’ aide of accountability, Shahzad Akbar. The court lamented the turn of events, asking the officials if this was a normal case of a citizen going missing in the middle of the capital city of Pakistan, wondering aloud if the officials would react the same if a federal minister’s son would go missing.

Sajid Gondal

Prime Minister Imran Khan had also taken notice of the disappearance and had directed authorities to leave no stone unturned in trying to retrieve the missing official. Back home safely, Sajid Gondal consoled his worried wife. The SP of the concerned Islamabad area also confirmed his return.

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