Imran Khan Unveils Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project

Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid the foundations of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development (RRUD) with the aim to alleviate poverty. After the Ehsaas program comes the RRUD, another feather in the premier’s cap for his dream of Naya Pakistan. He spoke at length about the difficulties and challenges facing such a big project but was optimistic. “Establishing a new city is not an easy task and you will definitely face difficulties and barriers. However, this new city is the need of Lahore and Pakistan. Neither anyone has cared about those living in 40 per cent rural areas of Lahore nor pursued town planning after thinking about the poor people,” he said.

Ravi Riverfront Urban Development projectPrime Minister Imran Khan inaugurating Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project

“The project will be completed with the coordination of the private sector and the Punjab government will complete its infrastructure. The country will witness huge foreign investment through the Ravi Riverfront project which is being initiated under a comprehensive plan,” the Prime Minister added. Also intimating that the federal government will do all it can to remove any hurdles in the project’s path. The project features a planned city with housing for the poor and some 600 million trees planted.

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