Innovative Dialysis Machine Created by Pakistani Startup

A Pakistan startup has created a marvel they call Robo Kidney, it will make treating kidney related diseases and dialysis bloodless, easy and affordable. It will also prevent any further HIV or Hepatitis Infections which are possible with the current setup. The Robo Kidney has been registered to the medical devices company, Byonyks. Founder and CEO Farukh Usman said the following about their achievement, “Robo-Kidney is an affordable and bloodless machine that will allow kidney patients to receive dialysis treatment from the comfort of their homes.”

dialysisPakistani startup creates innovative machine

Byonyks medical devices is based in Lahore, Pakistan lead by experts in America and supported by Ignite, which funds innovative startups, and angel investors. Their design has been made in consultation with Pakistan’s leading nephrologists and medical experts; the machine has been developed to improve the quality of life of people suffering from kidney problems. Byonyks will be making these automated peritoneal dialysis or APD machines for local and global use making it a welcome news for over 20 million Pakistanis with kidney related problems and the world in general.

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