Nawaz Sharif Says Someone Else is Running The Parliament

Nawaz SharifNawaz Sharif addressed PML-N senior leadership

Nawaz Sharif raised eyebrows once again in a virtual setting as he addressed PML-N senior leadership with quips such as this one, “People tell me that someone else is running the parliament. Other people come and give directions about the day’s agenda and voting on bills etc.” The statement comes right after his daughter and vice president Maryam Nawaz echoed the same sentiment when asked about Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa and head of the ISI Lt Gen Faiz Hameed’s meeting with key opposition figures.

Former premier Nawaz Sharif went on to say that “We have broken free of the colonisers only to be enslaved by our own. Today, we are not free citizens.” The statement was also accompanied by other musings such as this one which deal with the stark reality of a non-bailable arrest of Shahbaz Sharif’s wife and daughter, “However, our spirits will not be dampened by what is happening. We are proud that our party workers are facing the current situation with courage. There is no example in history of the treatment meted out to our children.” Further highlighting the fact that his progeny and Shahbaz’s children face a plethora of cases against them from money laundering to corruption.

Only time will tell how the current onslaught of NAB cases against opposition figures will be resolved while not dismissing the idea that their might be no resolution at all.

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