Indian Underdog Bad Salsa Makes it Big on America’s Got Talent

Indian dance group, Bad Salsa is set to make history with their semi-final nomination in America’s Got Talent. The group has received welcoming support from around the world and might just make it to finals with the momentum they have built with their electrifying performances. The group hails from Indian city of Kolkata where they study at the Bivash Academy of Dance (BAD).

Bad SalsaSumanth Maroju and Sonali Majumdar

One half of the duo is Sonali Majumdar, a 15 year old farmer’s daughter who has seen much hardship throughout her life. She describes her humble beginnings in her own words, “I come from a distant village near the Bangladesh border where there was no electricity. My father is a farmer who used to earn approximately Rs 80 per day and had a tough time raising the family. After ‘India’s Got Talent’, the village came into limelight and eventually electricity supply was made available. Now we own some land, and have built a house for our family.”

Bad Salsa Audition – America’s Got Talent

The other half is made of Sumanth Maroju who started his career in dance at Bivash academy of dance at the age of just thirteen. Like Sonali, He comes from humble beginnings with a railway employee for a father and housewife for a mother. They are a very dedicated group preparing for their foray into America’s Got Talent by practicing over 8-10 Hours each day. The duo has appeared previously in India’s Got Talent winning the fourth iteration of the show and went on to perform and participate in other Global Dance Competitions.

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