Imran Khan Warns India in United Nations Assembly

Prime minister Imran Khan used his United Nations General Assembly address to warn the international community about India’s ‘ill-conceived misadventure’ in a ‘nuclearised environment’ where Pakistan was ready to ‘fight for its freedom to the end’ urging the United Nations security council to play its part in preventing this particular conflict because it will jeopardize the whole region.

United NationsImran Khan addressing United Nations General Assembly

“In order to divert attention from its illegal actions and atrocities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, India is playing a dangerous game of upping the military ante against Pakistan in a nuclearised strategic environment,” the prime minister said while going on to add, “I want to make it clear that any attempt by the fascist totalitarian RSS-led Indian government to aggress against Pakistan will be met by a nation that will fight for its freedom to the end,”

Speaking about Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said, “Pakistan’s desire for peace in our region is also manifest in our efforts to promote a political solution in Afghanistan. I have always maintained that there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan,” going on to note that “Pakistan is deeply gratified that it has fulfilled its part of the responsibility. The Afghan leaders must now seize this historic opportunity to achieve reconciliation and restore peace in their war-torn country.”

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