Prime Minister Imran Khan Refused to Recognize Israel

In an exclusive 2 hour interview shown on DunyaTV, prime minister Imran Khan refused to recognize Israel unless Palestine was freed. He informed the media that in 1948 the nation’s founder and first Governor-General Quaid-e-Azam had refused to recognize Israel until the Palestinians were given their freedom. Khan drew similarities between the plight of Palestinians and Kashmiris.

The premier said, “If we recognize Israel and ignore [the] tyranny faced by Palestinians, we will have to give up [the cause of] Kashmir as well, and this we cannot do.” The State of Palestine greeted the interview with warmth saying that Pakistan had always been like a second Homeland for its people. They thanked the Prime Minister for his strong response and his continued support for the cause of the Palestinian People.

Imran Khan Refused to Recognize IsraelPrime Minister Imran Khan Refused to Recognize Israel

The Palestinian embassy, in turn, thanked “the prime minister for such a strong response and also appreciates every individual of Pakistan, including political parties, media, and civil society, who is observing solidarity with Palestine in any possible way,” concluding the statement by saying, “We are hopeful that this support will be with us until we get an independent State of Palestine with Jerusalem Al-Quds as its capital.”

Asked about the recent news of UAE establishing ties with Israel, the prime minister said that each nation’s foreign policy was its own business. This was a particularly diplomatic statement following the recent troubles with a key ally in Saudi Arabia.

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