Imran Khan in Favor of Public Hanging for Rapists

In an interview with HardTalk Pakistan, prime minister Imran Khan during a conversation with interviewer Moeed Pirzada shared his views on public hanging in response to the recent cases of rape and child molestation in the country, “I think he (the rapist) should be hanged publicly. Rapists and child molesters should have public hanging. You do not know the real statistics as well, because it’s under-reported. People do not report it due to being scared or ashamed, women are ashamed, no one wants to tell.”

public hangingPM Imran Khan in interview

Noting that public hangings would not sit well with the rest of the international community, especially Europe, Imran Khan settled for chemical castration as an alternative saying that the perpetrators would “undergo chemical castration,” or surgery could be “performed so they cannot do anything in future.”

In a talk with local media after a cabinet meeting on the matter, information minister Shibli Faraz agreed with the sentiment saying that they were firm believers in Islamic law and ‘‘If Islam guides us to give punishment to rapists publicly then there must be some wisdom in it.’’ The debate on rape cases started after the now infamous motorway incident where a woman whose car was stranded on the road got robbed and gang-raped.

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