Imran Khan Addresses the Karachi Problem

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the Karachi problem on his twitter, saying that his “govt, along with the Sindh govt” is working together to solve the three great problems faced by the people of Karachi. PM Imran further elaborated the three problems in a following tweet, “cleaning the nullahs once and for all and dealing with encroachments impeding water channels; devising a permanent solution to the solid waste disposal and sewerage problems, and resolving the critical issue of water supply to the citizens of Karachi.”

Karachi ProblemNeighborhood in Karachi flooded following rain

He chaired a high level meeting after initiating the ‘Karachi transformation plan’ which included the Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar, Maritime Minister Syed Ali Zaidi (through video-link), Chairman National Disaster Management Authority Lt Gen Muhammad Afzal, and secretaries of concerned ministers. The reason for such an enterprise is quite clear as the Karachi problem is not getting better, with the city being flooded after torrential rains this past week and electricity being shut down for four full days.

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