How to Tell if Your Friend is a Youthia

7 Signs Your Friend is a Youthia:

1. Is well educated but doesn’t particularly strike you as intelligent.

youthia at whiteboard
I have no idea what I’m doing


2. Assures you they are broad minded as long as you don’t say anything against Captaan.

Youthia definitionUrban Dictionary Definition


3. Is mostly not corrupt but makes sure you know about it.

youthias not corruptPictured above: Not a Youthia


4. Wants tabdeeli as long as their comfortable lifestyle is not affected.



5. Thinks making U-turns is a sign of being broad-minded and welcoming change.

youthias love u turns


6. Is fond of cricket metaphors.

imran khan's cricketing daysChakkas, balls, bats, and Captaan


7. Kabhi kabar ghabra jate hien.

youthias ghabrai hoa

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