FATF Bills Thwarted- Will Not Let Pakistan Become Fascist State

In a statement this Wednesday concerning the FATF bills, PML-N General Secretary, Ahsan Iqbal, vowed that he and his party will not let Pakistan become a fascist state under Imran Khan. He maintained that “we will not let Imran Khan become Pakistan’s Hitler in the name of FATF.” Financial Action Task Force (FATF) sets international standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and Pakistan remains on its grey list for failing to have satisfactory measures in place. The opposition defeated two essential FATF bills required in order for the country to exit the grey list.

FATF bills
FATF Bills Rejected in Senate

In response to this defeat Prime Minister Imran Khan noted that the opposition’s motives and the country’s interests were at odds. Khan targeted opposition leaders in a tweet this Tuesday, accusing them of trying to “save their corrupt money” and “trying to prevent parliament from functioning.”

In retaliation Ahsan Iqbal went on to say that they had not defeated the bills in the senate but rather “defeated the system that the government wanted to bulldoze”, adding that the Government had only one agenda which was to character assassinate its opponents. He questioned PTI’s willingness to give NRO-like concessions to the sugar mafia and its member Jahangir Tareen.

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