CD Projekt Red Breaks Promise

CD Projekt Red has announced mandatory crunch at their studios in preparation for the release of this year’s highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. Many of the people associated with the project have been putting in overtime for months or even years. The formal call for a 6 day week is particularly damaging for CD Projekt Red’s image as it breaks a promise made to fans and employees in an interview with former Kotaku games journalist Jason Schrier who is presently working for Bloomberg. CD Projekt Red made their comments public about not using crunch time and being pro employees, as such these actions will break with their previous statements on the subject.

CD Projekt Red

In other news, the other highly anticipated release of this year in Assassin’s creed Valhalla released a new story trailer that clears away a lot of ambiguity about the period piece. It seems the game will feature all sons of Ragnar Lothbrook while the clever King of Wessex, Alfred the Great also makes an appearance. The game features a male Eivor treated with friendship and kindness by a clan leader named Sigurd perhaps Sigurd Snake in the Eye who details the plan to move the clan to England and its bounteous lands rather than the stony wildscape of their Native Norway.

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