2 Killed After Building Collapsed in Karachi Following Rainfall

Two deaths were reported last Tuesday after a four story building collapsed in Karachi. The building was illegally created on a plot of playing ground. According to district administration, the building had begun sinking into the ground and had been ordered to be emptied. Only one family was living in the building after orders were given to vacated it.

building collapsed in Karachi
Building collapsed in Karachi’s Allahwalla Town

According to witnesses the building had begun sinking into the ground as the foundations had weakened after rainwater had flooded the basement. The water had not been emptied despite many requests to the district administration. Soon after the collapse, a contingent from the army engineering corps arrived and cordoned off the dangerous area, A large crane was also made available and proved its worth when multiple people were saved after removal of debris from the collapsed building. The injured are all out of danger though the same can not be said for the two lives lost.

This is the third such incident to occur this year in the provincial capital. Many more instances of compromised building structures throughout the country have exacerbated the situation following the heavy rainfall this year. Poor planning has led to a drainage problem in many cities.

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