Asim Saleem Bajwa Offers Resignation Following Allegations

The retired Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa is going to resign as Prime Minister Imran Khans’ Special Assistant following the bombshell revelations of Ahmed Noorani’s article. In the report, journalist Ahmed Noorani, using public records, pieces together Bajwa family’s affluence as the Lieutenant General rose in the ranks of the Pakistani military. The latest twist in this story was announced by the Bajwa himself on live television. Following up on his media interview, he wrote on twitter, ‘’I decided to put all my energies into CPEC because we thought that a lot of focus is currently needed on the CPEC Authority’’’and that the government’s information wing has many ‘qualified people’ who could perform his role competently.

When asked on live television about journalist Ahmed Noorani’s report on his family’s wealth, he said “being a Pakistani citizen, I am ready to provide the money trail, document or any sort of evidence on any platform.” Replying on twitter on Thursday, he dismissed the report as merely ‘baseless allegations’ while insinuating it to be attempts of character assassination with the following tweet, “Alhamdolillah another attempt to damage our reputation belied/exposed. I have and will always serve Pakistan with pride and dignity.’’

In the latest development in the story, Prime Minister Imran Khan has refused Asim Saleem Bajwa’s resignation, meaning that Bajwa will retain his position as SAPM.

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